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2 Bedroom Apartment Calangute

Calangute, North Goa

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2BHK Service Apartments in Goa

Candolim, North Goa

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2 Bedroom Apartment Colva Goa

Colva, South Goa

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Service Apartments in Goa

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Goa have Service Apartments?

A. Goa is known for Service Apartments besides good Hotels and Villas. Lot of guests prefer to stay in service apartments in Goa as they are ideal if family or a group is travelling to Goa.

Where are Service Apartments located in Goa?

A. Service Apartments is located both in North and South Goa. Lot of service apartments are located in major cities of Goa like Panjim, Margao, Vasco and Mapusa.

Q. It is economical to stay in a Service Apartment in Goa?

A. Service Apartments is better alternative of Hotels especially when you are travelling with family or a group and want the freedom to cook your own food. Sometimes service apartments are more economical than staying in hotels and resorts in Goa.

Q. How many people can stay in a Service Apartment ?

A. Goa has 2, 3 and even 4 bedroom service apartments. Group of up to 10 people can also stay in service apartment while in Goa.

Q. What is difference between Service Apartment and Hotel in Goa?

A. Service apartments in Goa are basically part of an apartment complex. Either all or few of the apartments in the complex could be offered to guests to stay by their private owners. In case of a hotel the entire complex is for guests to stay and has other amenities.

Q. Are there Service Apartments in Panjim, Goa?

A. Panjim has a lot of service apartments. Lot of them are even located close to Miramar beach.

Q. Does Service Apartments have Swimming Pool?

A. A lot of service apartments in Goa are located in posh complexes and have a swimming pool.

Q. Does Service Apartment in Goa have Gym and other facilities like a Hotel?

A. Some service apartments in Goa has most of the amenities which are normally offered by hotels like swimming pool, gym, tennis courts and even Jacuzzi.

Q.Why should someone stay in Service Apartment in Goa?

A. Service apartment is best option for tourists visiting Goa who are not particular about staying in hotel and want to enjoy comforts of like staying at home with amenities like microwave oven, fridge and kitchen.

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